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  • Teresa
    With age, my launched the arthritis makes them feel stronger. I had to see a doctor, but with the exception of treatments and regular procedures I needed to do something effective to relieve the pain. The doctor has advised hondrocreamthat in our in Italy, you can order via the online shop. It has helped, thank you!
  • Angelo
    After an injury, long-date, I regularly have a sore left hand had a fracture complex, aching in the joint. Thanks to the cream managed to get rid of it, as soon as the panacea!
  • Salvatore
    Asked a doctor when the pain became unbearable (wrong brush). After long research, tools, and procedures that are unnecessary I was advised of this ointment. The pain goes quickly and does not come back!
  • Caterina
    Once strongly has wounded the hand when the fall of the winter. A few months later, began to be sick of the ulnar articulation, even if no crack, no fracture was not. The pain helped him to get rid hondrocream after a daily use.
  • Vincenzo
    I so often fall and ушибаюсь, when I'm skateboarding, which has had to ask the grand-father of any ointment of bruising. He gave me a cream that has shown how to use it. Not now, I suffer from pain!
Comments Hondrocream