The experience of using Hondrocream

The story has sent Andrey, who has experienced severe injuries and deal with the consequences of through the use of Hondrocream.

Hello. Want to share with you my experiences of recovering after a small "accident", that is with me during a bike ride. The result of a collision with another cyclist, I've received several wounds, and traction. Since I was waiting for the amateur competition, and a physician has recommended not to load the body after the incident, I needed a quick result, without consequences. Improvements achieved in a really record time thanks to Hondrocream.

How do you deal with persistent pain?

The situation I was desperate, a doctor of the regular consultation has continued to advise a complete rest, and darling of the date of all was approaching. I have decided that even if you do поучаствую, проедусь with all that is certainly. But for this, it was necessary to speed up the recovery and remove the pain syndrome. The bruises have given of the complications on the joints, so to move I could only with long pauses. Until that has not helped my daughter (a medic), at the time, who held a practice at the other end of the city, which could not be near each time that asked me for support.

She advised me to ask friends who enjoy cycling with me, as they get rid of the pain in the muscles and joints with workout sessions or after a trauma. The survey gave the result so I learned about Hondrocream.

The consultation of a doctor

Use the ointment immediately after the recommendations, I did not. First of all, the fear of side effects. Secondly, should first consult with your doctor in order to exclude the possibility of the individual intolerance components, and typical of the "do no harm to himself." After a brief reflection, he gave the good and I won Hondrocream.

The physician has recommended not to dwell only on the ointments, because not a quick result for a product may not be. So I had to resort to a full-service measures, not excluding the same procedure, three times per week have had to go to the hospital.

The result of Hondrocream

The result was forced to wait for a long time. It happened to me to get rid of настырной of the pain, discomfort of injuries, which have caused serious disadvantages. It was difficult for me to move, but after having used the cream managed to get rid of the girl need to sleep with me in the shower (quite clumsy, I'm not used to this kind).

I must note that the instructions you must follow exactly, while not forgetting that all the load on experienced member will give complications in the future, and the overload of the organism in general is not recommended during the recovery time. All the days of rubbing to the cream of the injuries, I was able to speed up the healing, although saved himself, keeping in mind the recommendations of your doctor.

The effectiveness of the tool

As I have already said, the miracle of the wait time was not. In a complex with all these procedures and is rich in vitamins of the food, the help of my daughter, who daily supported me and helped me, I was able to recover completely and return to the former the mobility of the feet. Already after a complete restoration, I have a bit of time has used an ointment as prevention, to ordinary велопрогулка has not become ordinary of the injury, and I must say, helped me a lot not to fall a friend trauma again after a fall on the ice later than six months after this "accident".

Ointment is, and it does it very quickly. I can recommend to all your friends, увлекающимся the sport, and those who has known all the consequences of a simple fall.