Evil to the left under the ribs

All of these symptoms to a doctor in detail examines, on the basis of what one already has a picture of the disease and the diagnosis of presumption. The pain in the stomach is most often during chronic gastritis, ulcer of the stomach, cancer of the stomach.

To confirm the diagnosis by a doctor in the first place, appoint fibrogastroduodenoscopy (FGDS - a study of the internal surface of the stomach with the aid of the optics of the instrument). During the procedure, the doctor on the monitor can see the lining of the stomach and all the flaws. In the course of the study, you can determine the acidity of gastric juice and to take a piece of tissue for histological examination, if necessary. Often to establish a proper diagnosis is also named x-ray.

Sometimes, the pain on the left side under the ribs may appear in different diseases of the pancreas. In addition, they give in the back, but can appear at the front. In the course of the investigation reveals a precise diagnosis.

These pains can be related to diseases and injuries of the spleen. The spleen is located on the side and on the left side under the ribs, it is contained in a capsule, in which are many nerve endings. Certain diseases of the spleen increases in volume and squeezes the capsule, which causes the pain. Are very characteristic of the pain in the spleen for such an infectious disease, such as mononucleosis. Simultaneously to the increase and the liver, so that the pain can disturb, and in the upper right quadrant. The spleen may be increased, and in certain hematologic diseases, for example, when the leukemia.

It is very dangerous to trauma of the spleen, which can lead to rupture of this organ and a strong internal bleeding. Sometimes, rupture of the spleen is not associated with trauma, disease, and comes suddenly on a background of physical stress or even at rest.

The pain in the rear to the left under the ribs can be the sign of a disease of the pancreas or the left kidney. The pancreas is located under the belly and the head (located at the center and to the right in the area of the duodenal ulcer), the body and the tail (located at the rear and to the left). The pain in the rear and to the left under the ribs can be related to inflammatory processes or tumors of the pancreas. For example, in chronic pancreatitis pain may appear at the center of the stomach and give the left back. When the cancer in the area of the tail of the pancreas the pain can wear standing climbing.

Pain in left side and back, below ribs can be the sign of a disease of the left kidney. Thus, acute or chronic left-sided pyelonephritis pain can wear stupid aching of a permanent nature. When the gallstone pain related to the crossing of small stones. Such pain bear the name of the attacks of renal colic, they appear suddenly and are very strong, acute.

Evil in diseases of the heart

At the different heart diseases can also experience pain on the left side under the ribs. In ischemic heart disease and the attacks of pain of angina pectoris are sudden, severe nature, do not last long and are nitroglycerin. If such a pain not to shoot, the patient may develop a myocardial infarction.

In inflammatory conditions, and exchange-degenerative process in the area of the heart muscle (myocarditis, myocardiodystrophy) the pain in the heart often aching or dry cleaning and are often accompanied by disorders of the heart rate.

Evil osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine

Pain on the left side under the ribs can be the sign of a degenerative disc disease of the thoracic spine. They can have more of a different character, therefore, the osteochondrosis is easy to confuse it with any other disease, can cause pain in the left subcostal area.

Pain on the left side under the ribs can appear in many diseases. Therefore, it may be better to contact a doctor immediately.

That means the pain in the left upper quadrant, smack them in the back on the left

That means the pain in the left upper quadrant

In the left part of the abdomen below the ribs is of the stomach, the pancreas, the spleen. In the case of illness or injury of one of these organs can produce pain, confides in the back.

The statement

  • The sensation of pain in the left upper quadrant, it is often difficult due to problems in the heart, the kidney, the intestine. Therefore, to establish a correct diagnosis it is necessary to consider all symptoms, including the nature and location of the pain. Of course, to make the correct diagnosis may specialist, and on the basis of surveys, analyses.
  • The possible causes of the onset of pain, people who give in the back - diseases of the spleen and the heart. Strong breakthrough pain, which often makes them in the back, can be a symptom of an inflammation of the spleen. And if the pain is very strong, strong, of the increasing cases of attempted movement, and it is accompanied by blue skin of the abdomen, in particular in the region of the navel, you should immediately call an Ambulance, because these signs indicate a possible rupture of the spleen. Until the arrival of the physician, it is appropriate to join to the left of the left, the side of the patient something cold to the object - for example, a bag of ice or a plastic bottle with cold water.
  • "Ambulance" is also necessary, if the pain makes it not in the back, but in the shoulder, arm, neck. Indeed, this may be the sign of myocardial infarction. On the same disease may indicate a difficulty breathing, a strong sense of fear, отдышка. In such cases, it is better to be careful, because the refusal of medical help may be dangerous to life.
  • The pain, confides in the back, can be the sign of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. A sharp intense pain often the entrust in the back, is often an indication of a stomach ulcer. Another characteristic symptom of this disease, frequent gagging. Ulcers after vomiting, the pain is still significantly reduced.
  • The pain in the left part of the abdomen are characteristic of gastritis inflammation of the mucosa of the stomach. Sometimes the pain can spread and on the back. If a person has gastritis with high acidity, the pain occurs, when he is hungry, and so weak - after the meal. Feature: gastritis often nausea, which is not the case in ulcer.
  • In all cases, it is important not to suffer and not to practice self-medication, but consult your doctor for an examination. In fact, make the right diagnosis and finding the right treatment can be a doctor. If the pain is severe, unbearable, you can take a painkiller and call a specialist. But not in the case of not heating the place where you feel the pain.