Because of what, night, sore kidneys and back?

Torment night of pain in the back not only violent full night of sleep and rest. They can be a symptom of a disease. But, before going to a doctor, you need to look at how much time the low back pain persisted after a morning of lifting with the bed. If, after a quarter of an hour they spend maybe their reason is not medical in nature.

the back pain at night

Often, the kidneys hurt at night due to uncomfortable bed of the lodge. Experts advise to change the location of the rest of the night. If after a few days, a night's sleep on a low bed in the back cease to do evil, and therefore you can rejoice – you are in good health. Just need a change on beds and mattresses mattress or replacing an old sofa, again, with a coating.

In this case, for the strengthening of the erector spinae will not be useless to take up swimming and yoga, to go through the ten courses of massage. During the recording of the pain in the back requires a comprehensive survey to establish an accurate diagnosis.

The medical causes of night clubs of the pain

When the night backache in the lumbar region, which in itself is not a reliable sign of a certain disease. Back hurts in all the different pathologies. Therefore, the task of the doctor — remove hit the patient of the disease of the multitude of other diseases with symptoms.

The more often sore lower back during the night when the following diseases:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • the hernia of the intervertebral disc;
  • the ankylosing spondylitis.

Osteochondrosis of the degenerative process in the cartilage and the bone tissue leads to severe dystrophic changes of discs and vertebrae. The cause of the disease commonly become, chronic overload and emerging on the background of many repetitive strain injuries of the spine. The body of the vertebrae deformed by rubbing against each other. The disease is accompanied by aching nocturnal pains in the back.

Similar symptoms give of the education of the hernia. When the presence of the hernia in the vertebral canal compressed spinal cord, nerves, and blood vessels. This causes the appearance of the night of the vertebrates of the pain.

Ankylosing spondylitis is a disease of Ankylosing spondylitis. It is a systemic disease which affects, first of all, the joints, the spine and soft tissues. Night of pain in the lower back is one of the main signs of the disease. After waking up and standing on my bed, the pain does not pass immediately, but only after a few hours. Reduce the sensation of pain to help the movement and a hot shower.

The exact diagnosis will allow the doctor to prescribe the right treatment of the disease. The self-medication when the night lumbar pain is not recommended. After the diagnosis the doctor will prescribe you the drug therapy, including anesthesia.

If the cause of the pain has become a disease, it should not be symptomatic, system, a full treatment of the disease itself. After the healing of the underlying disease and night pain will cease of themselves.

Several causes of back pain at night

In addition to the most commonly encountered diseases, there are other factors at night sharp or pulling pain in the lumbar region. Source of pain in the back during a night of sleep can become:

  • shifted previously, the trauma of the spine;
  • the instability of the spine;
  • the reasons of psychogenic nature;
  • muscle spasm;
  • the renal disease.
the treatment of the back

The wounds of all the divisions of the spinal column do not pass for human without a trace. After them, it may remain sluggish in the inflammatory process, a pinch of the nerve branches, and other negative effects. With time, they manifest the syndrome back or other parts of the back.

The instability of the spine is typical for women victims of time after menopause. The instability can have a genetic aetiology. It happens that the sore kidneys in the night and in a spasm of the muscles.

When diseases of the renal of night, a localized pain is not so much in the back, how in the thoracic spine. Sand or stones in the urinary system acute or chronic pyelonephritis, other kidney diseases can cause pain radiating to in the region of the sternum, on the part of the back. It is characteristic that when the kidney disease of the acute inflammation in the night. On the day, the pain syndrome is expressed is not as bright.

The kidney diseases are accompanied, in addition to night clubs from the pain, quite specific to the symptomatology. In particular, the patient increases the temperature of the body, he suffers from pain during urination, often to go to the toilet at night. To make the correct diagnosis the doctor can only after the filing of the analyses and examinations of the kidneys sonication.

When the pain in the lower back should not be ruled out psychological reasons. A strong mental stress, who knows the patient responds mainly to the vertebral column as the pillar of the human body.