The main causes of back pain in the area below the shoulder blades but above the waist

Sensations of back are generally the result of pathological disorders of the spine. However, all is not so simple. Often, the pain in the back below the shoulder blades is called diseases of the internal organs, causes psychosomatic or traumatic lesions. Therefore, before you start to organize the treatment, it is necessary to understand exactly what is the cause of the reaction of the body. Generally, for this step, you should seek the advise of your doctor.

Causes of pain

Do back pain below scapular region can be for several reasons. If a person experiences a sharp pain, it is often due to a trauma of the back or of the spine, inflammatory processes. If the person characterizes the syndrome of pain, such as painful, pulling, average intensity, more than likely, these are pathologies of the spine or the heart, blood vessels, stomach, chronic of the flow. Pain may occur in diseases of the bladder and the heart.

Among all the criteria, causing pain under the shoulder blades, the most common factors associated with pathological changes in the spinal column. This can be explained by the fact that the spine (all departments, including the chest) has a consistently high workload, maintaining the weight of the body of the man and allowing him to walk straight. If the person is not engaged in the strengthening of the muscles of the carcass from the back, did not follow the posture, with the time it starts to hurt the back.

The disease of the spine

back pain below shoulder blades


Osteochondrosis is one of the most common causes of pain in the back. The disease occurs if the person has irregular and a lack of physical activity. In this case, significantly weaken the back muscles and the chest, complemented by unpleasant events and painful, because the spine can't cope with the load. On the intervertebral disc pressure of the vertebrae, which does not allow the disks to receive enough nutrients. Under such an influence, they become distorted, changing its structure. Thanks to such changes in the discs rub against the nerve endings of the spinal column ceases to be firm on the vertebrae and discs are formed osteophytes. All this in the complex causes in men pain in the back in the region of the shoulder blades, to the left or to the right depending on the place where precisely zaselyalsya the nerve endings.

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is manifested discomfort in the part occipital of the head, the neck, and then the pain goes down below – up to scapular area. The person may feel that the neck, the head is numb.

Types of degenerative disc disease

If the patient has osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine, the back starts to hurt directly in the space between the blades. The pain is felt in the chest. People say that it is hard to breathe (breathe deeply). And it is not uncommon that, because of breastfeeding degenerative disc disease a person feels pain in the heart.

It happens that the reaction of pain in the back under the shoulder blades is manifested osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. In this case, a sharp painful reaction is observed in the lumbar region, makes the lower limbs, and if the disease progresses, the pain begins to give in the region of the left scapula. Generally, the pain in the back above the kidneys caused by pathological changes in the spinal column, are amplified when the person moves actively.

Improve the state of the sick person, using the recipes of traditional medicine, and massaging the patient of the area. If the pain does not stop, it is necessary to consult a specialist. This pathology is committed to a neurologist, who, after diagnosis, will make the appointment of the procurement of medicine and treatment methods (physiotherapy, PHYSIOTHERAPY, massage etc).


In the case of back pain caused by myositis is deficient, muscle tone, the treatment can be regular of the execution of a set of physical exercises. In this case also, you can apply to the crushing of the muscles in the area below the shoulder blades infusions (home or pharmacy of cooking), apply tepidus of the ointment. But even in this case, you must get a referral from your doctor to avoid potential negative effects and take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

Intercostal neuralgia

The disease is caused by the compression impacts on the nerve endings of the part of the vertebrae. Intercostal neuralgia is inherent in the climactic moments of exacerbation of different depending on the intensity and the performance. The pain is both stupid and rapiente. In the process of diagnosis, the doctor examines the patient, gathers a medical history, performs inspection, palpation, to install the most painful of the space. Also assigned to the x-ray, ultrasound. The source of the pathological changes often formed in the area of the inflammation of the organs located in the thoracic cage. A disease of the lung, bronchus, pleura, often accompanied by the fact that the person has back pain, in the area just below the shoulder blades. It happens that the pain of neuralgia is not only in the back and in the chest.

For the treatment of intercostal neuralgia apply methods aimed, in the first place, on the removal of the cause of the crisis, the weakening or complete elimination. Necessarily appointed by the drugs, stop the inflammatory process. In the treatment of neuralgia also effective are considered, such as physiotherapy treatment. They are all designed to relieve pain in the back, to stimulate the regeneration of tissues, strengthen the supply of nutrients due to improved blood circulation.

  • Transcranial electroanalgesia.
  • UHF.
  • Fluctuationem.
  • The magnet therapy.
  • Laser therapy.
  • Acupuncture.
  • The mud therapy.

Traumatic injuries

The condition of the manifestation of the reaction below shoulder blades often become traumatic injuries such as scapular bone and the spinal column in the thoracic region. Such damages, the man receives during shocks, falls. The pain in this case, do not leave the person free to move his hands and the damaged area turns red and becomes thicker. In the case of injury need to make a radio, after which the doctor-traumatic stress disorder, or surgeon will prescribe you a treatment.

The cause of the pain can become a osteomyelitis that develops in trauma (injury). The disease is accompanied by inflammatory processes, the poisoning general of the organization.

Pathology of the internal organs


Very often, the pain below the shoulder blades is called heart disease. For example, the myocardial infarction is manifested by the fact that the man crushes in the region of the heart and the back pain in the area of the spine, the left shoulder blade. The pain may radiate in the region of the head, the neck and the left shoulder, the arm, until the patient can move. In the case where the feelings of discomfort do not stop, if a person with a little approach or deep breathing, he must immediately make it to the hospital.

back pain below the shoulder blades reasons

The stomach

The various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (e.g., stomach ulcers), very often, are the cause of back pain in the area below the shoulder blades. In the process of the growth of the stomach ulcer causes destruction of the intestinal lining, the nerve endings near the diaphragm, causing crises of pain is not only in the abdominal cavity, but in the back, below the shoulder blades. It is characterized as recurrent, significantly exacerbated by the abstinence from food, and after a meal that did not respect the recommendations of your doctor. Painful manifestations become less pronounced, or quite after the patient has vomited, has been warming the compresses. Advanced stomach ulcers, the patients notice in the symptoms.

  • Vomiting when the pain is most marked.
  • Heartburn, regurgitation.
  • The pain is felt below the shoulder blades in the back, and also puts you in the heart.
  • If the disease has destroyed the mucous membrane of the stomach is very strongly or completely, patients notice that they have a bad back, shoulders.
  • The sweating.
  • Pallor of the skin.

The treatment of the pain reaction on the part of the back to the stomach ulcer, in any case, you can't organize yourself, without talking with the doctor. To treat in this case, you need to the underlying disease causing the pain.

Among the means of traditional medicine, used to reduce the acidity of the stomach, very often called baking soda. However, doctors in this way are not supported, because the soda was too aggressive impact on the mucosa of the authority, destroy, and which compounds the problem.


The inflammation of the lungs, are inherent in the painful reaction of the body to the chest, in the back. In addition, the person has fever, in the lungs operated to wheezing, cough occurs, respiratory failure. If pneumonia in one direction, the spin-below the shoulder blades hurt from the damaged easy, if double-sided, with the two parties.

The pain relief is directly dependent on the effectiveness of the support provided to the patient of the underlying pathology.

Sore in the upper back

If the person regularly works physically, to stretch the muscles of the back, the reasons of the scapula-ribs pain bind with a load on the back, injuries of the vertebrae in the thoracic spine, the muscle fibres, with hypothermia, a stay exposed to the air currents. Often, even slight breeze is enough for working outside and dressed is not for the time the man has felt pain below the shoulder blades. The symptoms of a cold become of the following signs:

  • Damaged or frigus muscles causes weakly expressed pain along the spine.
  • A person limited in the performance of the movements, the usual: it's difficult to make turns of the head, the body, bend at.
  • When you click on the box of blades is not a very strong pain.
  • The muscular tension is spread outside of the back and on the shoulder.
  • Scapular-the form of pain syndrome responds to the sensation of gravity in the middle of the back, shoulders, upper limbs, pains in the chest.
  • The worsening usually occurs when a person suffers a physical stress on the muscles of the chest, the back.
  • If the treatment starts on time, violations of pathological affected by the neck, brachial joint, the lower limbs, the ribs of the thorax, that is to say, the area of the body located outside of the affected areas of the body.
back pain below shoulder blades due to stress
The problem of detection and diagnosis in lung-rib syndrome is that the detect exactly, not to be confused with other pathological changes in the body, it is possible only at the time of his heart attack. Therefore, at the onset of its symptoms, it is important not to wait for the recovery, and as quickly as possible a screening.

The causes psychosomatic

If a person regularly experiencing an overload of a psychological nature, the stress is tension which affects negatively on the muscular system of the whole body, including the back. In this case, the pain in the back below the shoulder blades but above the waist is not uncommon. Usually, people complain that it is difficult time standing or sitting, because the back whines, the muscle pulls. In the "risk group" are people who do not move during the work day, and often find themselves in stressful situations, is obliged to tear up his aggression, irritation on the external factors.

In this case, the back pain will pass when a person decides of their psychological problems, learn to react to stimuli from the outside.

The causes of pain below the scapula area are very numerous. Therefore, to understand why the back pain, in each case, you need to perform diagnostic measurements, which may not hold. At the onset of this symptom it is necessary to consult a doctor and only then to do a treatment.